March 6 2008

Steve's song 'Not Coming Home', off Glorified Demos, is used in the new teen/college comedy film The American Poop Movie

The movie was released nationally on DVD Tuesday, and can be found at most Blockbuster Videos and Hollywood Videos to rent, or at myriad stores for purchase.

It's definitely worth checking out, and you can hear 'Not Coming Home' underneath a graduation cookout scene about 8 minutes into the film (just after a cutaway shot of a flaming desk).

August 4 2007

So many things going on...

The second Thursday of each month, you can catch Rick Sacchetti, Chris Gockley, Dan Johnson and myself in a 4 person musical round robin at the Moon & River Cafe in Schenectady. It's always a great time.

There's a new recording up on my MySpace page - the song's called Someone Else's Fool, and will likely end up on album #2.

I've recently recorded drum parts for Rick Sacchetti's second album; no news yet on when to expect it, or what he'll title it, but I'll do my best to keep you posted.

Writing and recording for my second album continue, as time allows.

August 1 2006

Songs are brewing for album #2... right now, 8 songs are written and of those, three have been recorded... kicking around music for 5 more...

February 14 2006

Happy Valentine's Day! Welcome to the new redesign, which has been a long time coming.

We're also pleased to announce that Steve's CD, Glorified Demos, is now available for purchase through CDBaby.com - check it out, or if you already have a copy of the disc please leave a review for others.

January 22 2006

102.7 WEQX is playing From Now On - the lead song from Glorified Demos - on EQXposure tonight.

Tune in at 7pm - word is it'll be the first song up.

If you missed it, have no fear - it'll be on for the next 3 weeks as well.

December 7 2005

New song up on MySpace - a song I've been playing out for a long while, called 'One Less Thing (I Have to Worry About)'. I've been working on this recording, on and off, for about 14 months, trying to get it sounding just right. Let me know what you think.

I'll be playing at the Moon & River Cafe in a little over a week - should be a good time.

If I don't happen to see ya until 2006, hope your holidays are great!

September 3 2005

Much to mention.

First, and most importantly, come down to Big Bobby Brown's Rockin' Bar-B-Q on September 11 - they're hosting a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina relief (all proceeds will go directly to the Salvation Army), and I'll be playing there. Every person who comes down and donates ($10 for 10 hours of music) will make a huge difference. Check out the flier right here.

Secondly, I've got a new recording up on my MySpace audio player - 'Exhausted'. It's one I've been playing out for some time, but this, finally, is how I always meant it to be heard - as if it had been recorded at Abbey Road in mid 1966.

May 30 2005

The GottaGetGon folk fest was a great time - tons of amazing musicians. Hope to check out the full weekend next year.

January 16 2005

Steve's song Without You began rotation on 102.7 WEQX tonight, as part of their show EQX-Posure. Thanks to Jason Irwin and everyone at WEQX!

January 5 2005

Happy New Year!
Steve has his own space on MySpace — visit his profile, and if you're already on MySpace, become a friend!

October 2 2004

Last night's show was wonderful; thanks to everyone who came out and who bought CDs!

September 25 2004

The mastered album has been duplicated by Oasis CD Manufacturing and copies will first be available at Steve's October 1 show.

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