The Story So Far...

Much like the first solo albums of Paul McCartney and Emitt Rhodes, Glorified Demos - an indie rock collection by way of mid-sixties Liverpool and early-seventies basements - was recorded at home with Steve Moss playing every instrument and performing every production role himself.

Taking up drums at sixteen after sitting in with a friend's band, Steve played in groups through high school and college. Making the move from rhythm to melody, the drummer picked up guitar in college.

"After college, I went through a period where everything came apart for a few years. Jobs and friends fell through, and I ended up with a lot of time on my hands. Part of my process for picking up the pieces became writing and recording songs."

Recorded over a period of 27 months, multitracking to computer using a single microphone, the garage pop anthems on Glorified Demos began simply: "The whole project started as a proof of concept - testing out ideas as I wrote." Early simple experiments rapidly grew in both ambition and polish into fully produced arrangements and performances.

The 11 songs of Glorified Demos form a semi-autobiographical song cycle of resolve, struggle, loneliness and love.


Guitars, and other noisemakers
  • 1999 Fender DG-14 left-handed
  • 2006 Walden G570 left-handed
  • 1982 Vantage VP820 left-handed
  • 2006 Tokai 335 left-handed
  • 1997 Epiphone Les Paul left-handed
  • 1993 Ibanez SR400 left-handed
  • 1998 Ludwig 4-piece w/ Zildjian cymbals